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Parallelize all the things -- Deconstructing Haxl, with Clojure macros, topological sorting and Quasar fibers

Know when to fold 'em: visualizing the streaming, concurrent reduce

A minimalist translation of Clojure's core.async to Scala

Squiggly Lines: Background lint- and type-checking for Clojure in emacs.

NYC Clojure Meetup slides on lenses and appropriate typing

Lost in Transduction - Heresy and ingratitude edition

Stateless but state-aware types for transducers in Scala, using what seems to be magic

Purely functional transducers - where does state belong?

Type-safe transducers in Clojure. And Scala. And Haskell.

Yak herding for misers - wrangling hundreds of AWS Instances with Clojure

vanholes - Van Laarhoven Lenses in Clojure

tinholes - performant, strongly typed lenses in Clojure

Pinholes 2 - Ignorance, misrepresentation and prejudice edition

Pinholes - Idiomatic Clojure Lenses

'Ducers Wild -- a concise guide to the menagerie

Testing on Hundreds of AWS Instances - (sort of Distributed functional programming, part 3a)

Distributed purely functional programming, part 2

Quick tip on getting lein to recognize your new dependency

Beauty and the Beast - Distributed functional programming, part 1

Yeah, yeah, I should have used perl

Procrastination with a clojure M-x yow slackbot

Fortran, Clojure, Haskell and Julia are not at war

Sign of the Times - Managing inhomogeneously bitemporal data with Datomic and Clojure

FUNCTIONAL functional reactive programming, state monads and all that, in Clojure

xkcd 1313 by simulated annealing in Clojure

Typecasting, part 2

What if John Conway Wrote Esolangs?

Hollywood Typecasting - Adventures with typed clojure and IMDB

Deriving the Y-Combinator in Clojure

Varieties of laziness: clojure reducers, scala views and closure functors

Notes on Arrogance

Medical Moneyball!!

Notes on Arrogance

Spying on myself

Notes on Arrogance

Medical Moneyball!!

Hack the Wine

Spying on myself