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Parallelize all the things -- Deconstructing Haxl, with Clojure macros, topological sorting and Quasar fibers

Know when to fold 'em: visualizing the streaming, concurrent reduce

A minimalist translation of Clojure's core.async to Scala

Squiggly Lines: Background lint- and type-checking for Clojure in emacs.

NYC Clojure Meetup slides on lenses and appropriate typing

Lost in Transduction - Heresy and ingratitude edition

Stateless but state-aware types for transducers in Scala, using what seems to be magic

Purely functional transducers - where does state belong?

Type-safe transducers in Clojure. And Scala. And Haskell.

Yak herding for misers - wrangling hundreds of AWS Instances with Clojure

vanholes - Van Laarhoven Lenses in Clojure

tinholes - performant, strongly typed lenses in Clojure

Pinholes 2 - Ignorance, misrepresentation and prejudice edition

Pinholes - Idiomatic Clojure Lenses

'Ducers Wild -- a concise guide to the menagerie

Testing on Hundreds of AWS Instances - (sort of Distributed functional programming, part 3a)

Distributed purely functional programming, part 2

Quick tip on getting lein to recognize your new dependency

Beauty and the Beast - Distributed functional programming, part 1

Yeah, yeah, I should have used perl

Procrastination with a clojure M-x yow slackbot

Fortran, Clojure, Haskell and Julia are not at war

Sign of the Times - Managing inhomogeneously bitemporal data with Datomic and Clojure

FUNCTIONAL functional reactive programming, state monads and all that, in Clojure

xkcd 1313 by simulated annealing in Clojure

Typecasting, part 2

What if John Conway Wrote Esolangs?

Hollywood Typecasting - Adventures with typed clojure and IMDB

Deriving the Y-Combinator in Clojure

Varieties of laziness: clojure reducers, scala views and closure functors

Notes on Arrogance

Medical Moneyball!!

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic?

Notes on Arrogance

Do you believe in magic?

Spying on myself

Notes on Arrogance

Medical Moneyball!!

Hack the Wine

Spying on myself